Piano With Willie is an online piano program developed by Willie Myette, an accomplished pianist who studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. His step-by-step piano method is the product of more than 20 years of piano theory practice and experience. While these online piano lessons are organized differently than others on our lineup, the curriculum taught is tantamount to the best online piano programs and ideal for anyone who wants to learn piano online.

This methodical, in-depth piano method teaches a vast array of crucial concepts, including ear training, music notation, scales and music theory. The biggest objective of the program is to teach you how to create your own piano arrangements. To do this, you must have a sound understanding of music theory, which Piano With Willie can give you with dedicated practice.

One thing about this program we like is that it offers an initial piano assessment to help you determine the best lessons for you based on your current skill level and overall piano goals. Not many other online piano lessons we reviewed offer something like this, which is highly beneficial if you are starting a new online piano program.

Piano With Willie is similar to other piano lessons online in that it offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Additionally, the lessons cover of range of styles, including jazz, blues, Latin and funk. The program differs from others we reviewed in how its memberships are set up. Piano With Willie offers four membership levels. Each one comes with a fixed number of monthly chapter views and download points. The chapter views allow you to stream video lessons on your computer or mobile device, while the download points allow you to download the lessons directly to your computer for use without an internet connection. Once you download a lesson, it's yours to keep forever.

Although this is an interesting setup, we have a few issues with it. First, each download point is only worth one minute of video that you can download. Second, you get far more chapter views under each membership than you do download points. Once you run of out of download points for the month, you can only stream the lessons. Most of the piano lessons online we reviewed have no restriction on when and how many times you can do a certain lesson. We'd like to see the same with this program, which would give students the benefit of being able to repeat or reference previous lessons at any time without limitation.

Piano With Willie Summary:

Piano With Willie is a beneficial online piano program that teaches beginners the fundamental concepts of piano theory and helps intermediate students refine rudimentary skills. Its valuable piano assessment will help you pinpoint exactly where you need to start, and the ability to stream and download video to mobile devices frees you from the confines of your desktop. If you can get past the program's potentially limiting membership options, Piano With Willie constitutes a great option to learn piano online.


Piano With Willie

Piano With Willie's online piano lessons cover a wide range of piano genres, and you can stream or download video lessons to mobile devices.

Some people may find the access options for lessons to be limiting.

The Verdict:

Although its membership options aren't as favorable as some competitors, Piano With Willie's comprehensive curriculum gives you a sound and solid foundation of piano theory.