Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from viewing as part of this site because it is no longer applicable to this site. You can still read our original review below, but TopTenREVIEWS is no longer updating this product’s information.

The premise of Play Piano Today, another chord method system is the same as several other sites in our Learn Piano Online Review that claim they will have you playing piano today. The difference lies in the quality of the website. To start off you can watch a high quality video demonstration of a lesson followed by the printed version. The site is not the easiest to navigate. After viewing the free lesson samples it takes a minute or two to find the order page detailing courses available.  A definite advantage to the website is not having to wade through the maze of marketing and advertising found on many of the online piano websites. The videos are professionally done and easy to follow. An extra bonus is seeing the face of your teacher inserted from time to time, something lacking in other sites’ demonstrations. This format was developed by David Sprunger, president of Music Unlimited, Inc. Links for Singing lessons and Studio/Recording lessons are also offered through the website.

Piano courses concentrate on genres easily learned and played by chord methodology. These include Blues, Jazz, Salsa, and Gospel. Beginning courses introducing chord usage are also offered including ear training, chords and scales, modulation, voicing and using fillers. A plus for Mr. Sprunger’s system is the written explanation accompanying each video, reinforcing the principles learned for better retention.  Play Piano Today offers several package options, an advantage for more advanced players who don’t need beginner advice but want to try the more technical courses. You can purchase individual packages or buy the complete system. The ability to pick and choose products allows you to tailor the course to your needs. Options include purchasing a DVD set with lesson books or downloading it all for an even better price point. Mr. Sprunger claims he offers enough courses through his system to last for six months of study. For product support, you will need to submit questions through the website and wait for an email reply.

Play Piano Today Summary:

Since the focus of this product is on chords, playing by ear and improvising, less emphasis is placed on learning notation, theory or technique. While this limits your piano experience, Play Piano Today is a good system for chord method basics. Check out our comparison chart for similar products. Hear and Play has ranked higher for more variety in genres and its online forums, but Play Piano Today is worth a serious look. It offers you an excellent quality product that is easy to understand, follow and use.


Play Piano Today