Play Piano Today offers two ways to gain access to its online piano lessons. You can pay a one-time fee and download all of the piano lessons, or you can pay extra and have the DVD bundle with a booklet mailed to you.

Play Piano Today emphasizes learning to play by ear as opposed to learning to read sheet music. The downloadable tutorials are composed of video tutorials in which the instructor shows you various piano techniques and styles. These videos are not ideal for novice piano players. Learning by watching someone’s hands can be difficult without other practice tools such as song looping, song segmentation or adjustable song tempos. These lessons are ideal for students who already know how to read sheet music.

The lesson library consists of stylistic piano playing such as gospel piano, blues and salsa. There is also a riff bank-tutorial filled with piano runs and fills that are catchy and useful, as well as a scale and chord finder if you aren’t sure what chords you are playing.

Play Piano Today offers tips on how to play piano correctly. Often, students learn improper ways to play piano, which hinders progression. These tips are not video tutorials, but helpful hints that address the most common mistakes pianists make and how to fix them.

Unlike other piano lessons online, there aren’t many practice tools other than video tutorials. Lesson music is not provided because these tutorials emphasize learning to play piano by ear. This software is not MIDI compatible and does not provide a practice interface, so you can’t plug your keyboard into your computer or track your practice progress. There is little communication between you and your instructor. You can contact Play Piano Today by email, but you can’t talk to other students via a user forum.

Play Piano Today Summary:

Play Piano Today is a course of online piano lessons best suited for players who already know their way around a keyboard. These online piano lessons offer tutorials on different techniques and styles but don’t provide many tools for practice purposes. If you are looking to train your ear or just need some stylistic suggestions, Play Piano Today is worth a try.


Play Piano Today

The video tutorials cover a wide range of musical styles.

There are few practice tools beyond video tutorials. This site doesn’t teach you to read music.

The Verdict:

If you already know how to play piano but want to advance your skill set, Play Piano Today has tutorials to add to your repertoire by teaching you multiple piano styles and techniques.